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Textile manufacturing process where chemicals are applied
Washing and scouring of fibers and yarn
Bleaching of yarn and cloth
Mercerizing of yarn and cloth
Dyeing of yarn and cloth
Printing of cloth and garment
Finishing of cloth and garment
Washing of treated yarn, cloth, and garment

he chemicals which used during textile manufacturing are categorized based on their functionality
Mercerizing agents
Mercerizing agents help in the treatment of cotton fabrics with concentrated caustic soda under fabric tension. Mercerizing agents are added in ordered to impart a greater affinity for dyes and various chemical finishes to cotton fabrics.
Peroxide stabilizers
Peroxide stabilizers can be applied to cotton, linen, polyester, yarns, towels and knitted fabrics made of cellulose and blended fabrics to bleach them.
Peroxide killers
Peroxide killers can be added at the stage of the pre-bleaching stage and also at peroxide bleaching processes to destroy the peroxide content. Peroxide killers save the water and energy by reducing peroxide levels in fabrics.